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Date Format for Date Attributes?

Is there a way to change the format of the way a date is presented for a date attribute?

Specifically I want to show the year as four digits and not two for Start Date and End Date.

My expectation is that there a setting for changing the way a date presents.

Based on what?

I think this this due to the Apple US locale macOS defaults, from which Tinderbox inherits. On my UK-locale system, I see a 4-digit year:

Have you checked: mac OS settings for correct settings?

Thanks Mark:

I didn’t think about the OS. When I looked at system preferences I see the option to define a short, medium and long form of the date but I don’t see a selection for something like preferred.

In general terms I would expect the OS to give the application control of the presentation of the date, if the date is an important parameter.

Based on what?

:slight_smile: Based on 35 years of using a Mac. Seriously I do have an expectation as noted above that where dates are important then in general terms their presentation would be controlled within the application.

My guess is that if you don’t know of a tweak within Tinderbox to change this format then there isn’t one.

thanks for looking.

Also, see $DisplayedAttributesDateFormat, which is probably what you were looking for.

Further to the last reply, that setting for $DisplayedAttributesDateFormat is described here.


FYI: I couldn’t find that panel and so I did some experiments.

Ended up setting $DisplayedAttributesDateFormat to “m/y”. This produces a displayed date of “1/1960”

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That panel has been there since v6. What version of Tinderbox are you using?

Use menu EditDocument Settings… or ⌘+8 to open the Document settings dialog. In that dialog, click the Text button in the top toolbar. That swirched the dilaog to this tab:

The ‘Displayed Attributes Dates’ sets the attribute DisplayedAttributesDateFormat to one of three presets. If not happy with any of those choicxes, use Cmd+1 to open the Inspector

Sorry hit the wrong button, but carrying on…

On the Inspector click the System sub-bab. Now use the top (search) input box and type ‘DisplayedAttributesDateFormat’ (no enclosing quotes) and press the Return key. The result will look like this:

Type your desired format string into the Default input box (no quotes) and press the Return key. Now _all Date-type attributes in the Displayed Attributes or Get Info/attributes tables will be displayed using your desired date format.

If you are unable to follow these instructions, please report your OS version and app version.

Answer: V9

The problem is me being lost in a sea of choices. So I appreciate you pointing me in the correct direction.

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No worries. Choice is confusing. Bear in mind though that Tinderbox is essentially a toolbox where you pick some of the tools from the box as pertinent to your task. So not everyone uses the same tools for the same task. Even for the same task people do things in quite idiosyncratic ways—which is good.

Think “the task I’m trying to do” not “the application I’m more used to using does this differently”. :slight_smile: