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Date in agent query

Apologies if this is a tired issue, or too much of a newbie question.

I have an agent looking for note (tasks) that are due tomorrow. However, “tomorrow” seems to be resolving as 24 hours from now, rather than the start of tomorrow.

How do I force the agent to find notes that are due starting at 12:00am tomorrow, rather than 24 hours from now (which would be later than midnight)?

I’ve used:

$Due>= tomorrow


$Due >today

All seem to bring the same results.

Date equality comparison == compares calendar dates (in your system’s default calendar). Other comparisons compare two points in time.

date("tomorrow") is defined as “24 hours from right now”. You might want to be using date("tomorrow 12:10AM"). Or, you might want to use == to compare dates.

This works perfectly! Thank you!

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