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Date of viewing note

I have a large database of notes now available for quick searches:

  1. Date of note creation
  2. Date the note was modified

And it would be great to have:

  1. Date the note was viewed

Is this possible?

There is certainly no built-in viewed date. In the old app design (until v5) there was a history view that showed a list all note visited, albeit only in the current session (see here).

This topic comes up occasionally and tends to founder of what a ‘visit’ is. We most easily think of deliberately seeking/reading a note. But there are all sorts of ways one might traverse through a note accidentally or in the course of reaching another note and still clocking up a visit. In the old app design, what is now the text pane was a separate window you had to open to see (visit!) the contents. Now merely select a note in a view—deliberately or not—means that note is visited.

So the question becomes, how does the app know what is a deliberately visit to a note.

At a slight tangent, Tinderbox does have a system attribute $Visits. It is in the ‘Storyspace’ group as it is for Storyspace compatibility. However, looking at this in current (v9) Tinderbox I don’t think $Visits is affected by Tinderbox use and remains at the default zero.

†. I do wonder if this is an accidental effect of the v6+ Tinderbox app redesign. As in the above, what is a ‘visit’, as opposed to an incidental selection.

The criterion for viewing a note can be scrolling in the text of the note

I’ve just updated the aTbRef note on $Modified as it may not necessarily change according to an individual user’s assumptions. See the linked article for detail as to why this is so.

Yes, though as general Tinderbox suggested style is to use short $Text many notes won’t scroll as all $Text is visible in the Text area of the text pane.

So scrolling could be a trigger but not a reliable one for all users.

Or you can make a tricky trigger like this:
Move the mouse to the $Text area?

As I’m just a user, not sure about engineering, but as an indication of user intent it seems a reasonable trigger if the concept of a last-viewed date/time ($ViewedDate?) were to be adopted.

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That would be handy.
In the meantime, I now actively use Agents that track all notes created a given number of days ago and Agents that track all notes modified a given number of days ago

I think what might be viable is to record the last time the note was selected. Would that be helpful?


Great option!