Default file opened on startup

On startup TB opens with a blank “Untitled” file. Is it possible to change this so that, instead, it opens the most recently opened file, or whatever files were open the last time the app was closed down. Maybe the answer is in the documentation, but I am not sure what to search for to find it.

This might be want you are looking for:

The side effect, perhaps unwanted, is that changing the setting in macOS Settings affects the entire Mac.

Also, the setting is not in macOS Settings > General, it is in macOS Settings > Desktop and Dock


Thanks. That works, though in Ventura the option appears to have been moved to “Desktop and Dock.” … Oops, I only just noticed I was too quick in clicking on the link and had not realised you said that already.

@rogerbackhouse you are correct. @PaulWalters kindly alerted me to my oversight (the page described older OS X UIs) and I’ve just updated the Automatic re-open of last-used TBX article (and the Zip o of the overall TBX).

As I open 10s of different TBXs a day, the old 10-item MRU file list often meant daily-use items like AtBref often roll off the list. On a busy beta-testing/forum help day, even the new 30-item MRU sees ‘my’ files roll off the list.

I think it is worth mentioning in context, the File ▸ Favorites menu which might appear the workaround is not. Long-term users should note behaviour changed in the v6+ app re-design. This feature should only be used for files you wish to use in the manner of a stationery file (what other apps might call a template file). This has happened as it is valuable for some users and Apple seems to want to formally stop offering OS-level stationary file functionality. Thus any TBX file called directly from the Tinderbox app support ‘favorites’ folder, or via an alias there, is opened as an unsaved copy of the source file. Thus ‘favorites’ is perhaps now a slight misnomer for this feature. I’ve just re-tested functionality and updated the favorites folder article (and the TBX) to reflect current behaviour. The change relates to use of aliases in the folder—old legacy behaviour is described at the end as it might be helpful to long-time Tinderbox users confused by the changes, even if these changes aren’t recent).

TL;DR. If you want files to re-open, you need to use a doc level an OS-level setting. There is no feature to open (certain) files on app open (regardless of whether open at last app close). Anything else would be a feature request!

[edit: mind in auto. The setting is outside the app, in the macOS. Apologies and now corrected, my original text struck thruogh rather than deleted so as to give this context]