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Deleting or Reassigning Links

I’ve been playing with this for too long now. I’ve broken a text document down into separate containers (about 17 - think sections of a book). I added links from the initial, top-level to the other containers more or less in the order of occurrence. Having done all that, I wanted to rearrange things a bit. So, I placed the first dozen or so section inside a new container - this of making chapters out of what were sections. Now I want to get rid of the links, but I can’t. I’ve tried using the roadmap (which I don’t think does much), I’ve tried linking on the “link widget” which gives me a list. I’ve tried clicking on the in-bound link(s) thinking this would expose the link, but it doesn’t. So, without bringing these containers back out, how do I delete a (many) links? Which sort of leads to another question - if I wanted to change the target of a link from one note to another, or the source of link, how would I do that.

And on another topic - if you’re including devonthink, you should also include devonagent (both of which I wish were one application).


You could use Browse Links, perhaps? More suited to task than the Roadmap, and links can be deleted.

If the links you created were of a particular type that is expendable, then you can use the Link inspector to delete that link type from the document.

I don’t see how this would work. DEVONthink documents are static, so including them in Tinderbox is reliable, unless you inadvertently delete the DEVONthink document.

On the other hand, DEVONagent is a search agent and the results are ephemeral, unless you archive them somewhere else. So what would “including DEVONagent” accomplish?

I think I finally found that - a little clumsy IMHO. But did get the job done. Still, the model, if you will, treats outgoing links differently than incoming, and seems a little odd.

AFAS DevonThink, 1) it seems that I’m always going from the search to the storage, 2) the Archive, and site lists in the search sets are more or less static, 3) If TBX can fetch information from the web (and I’m looking at the help page that demonstrates an example, admittedly a download from a single site, why shouldn’t the query be redirected to a DevonAgent search sets?

Thanks for the quick answer, Paul, appreciate it.

I think the automation to tell Tinderbox to activate a DEVONagent search agent or plugin might require a level of asynchronous interface that would be tricky to implement and test. Anyway, I suggest you write directly to Eastgate with your suggestion and explain the use case(s) you envision – context and purpose help when evaluating new feature suggestions.

FWIW, in the meanwhile, you might find this thread and the tool I posted there useful. The script still works.

Easiest way to delete a link:

  1. Select its source note in map view
  2. Click on the “X” button near the midpoint of the link you want to delete.

It the source note and link target note are in different containers – which I believe might be the OP’s situation – this method does not work because the “X” does not appear when the source note is selected on a map.