Demo file - escaping text for LaTeX and BibTeX use

Note: BibTeX ‘bib’ files are (should be!) written in LaTeX escaped form.

I needed to generate a 1.5k item BibTeX file from a Tinderbox document and needed a few utility functions that I share here. The aim is to take text, most likely—and here—$Text and LaTeX-escape it.

The demo includes a test note, both unused “stamp me for encoded LaTeX” and stamped “stamp me for encoded LaTeX (already stamped)”. he stamp to use for testing is the only one in the document “Test Escape functions”.

Please read the “READ ME!” note before using.

This is what the file looks like:

Here is the demo TBX: Fix-text-for-LaTeX1.tbx (219.9 KB)


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I just refreshed the TBX file to “Fix-text-for-LaTeX1.tbx”. I missed a caret symbol in one of the functions. oops!

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