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Desktop alias and Dropbox

Not a big problem, but this seems odd to me.

I have an alias (on my MacbookPro desktop) that points to a TB file that lives in my Dropbox folder. When I double click on that alias, all is well. Do some editing in that TB document. No problem. Save the file.

Now, when I click on a similar alias on my Mac Mini desktop, it won’t load. I must double click on the Dropbox TB file itself. Then future attempts to load the TB file with the alias are fine.

Now go back to the Macbook Pro. Can’t load the file via the alias. Do it with the Dropbox file itself. Fine.

There are no conflicted files in the TB folder within my Dropbox folder. I find this odd, but consistent. If I touch the file via alias on one computer, that alias won’t work on the other computer until the file is loaded once directly via the Dropbox folder. No conflicted files.

I think this is a Dropbox issue. Dropbox is copying the updated file to the second computer, and that may be leaving the alias unresolvable.

The only reason I mention it at all is that I never see this with other apps. In fact, if a put TB dc document alias inside a Curio document and load that TB document that way, this problem goes away. That is, if I make a change to that TB document that way, then save Curio, then open Curio on the other computer, double clicking on that TB link inside my Curio document works fine. Odd.

Not important, though.