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DevonThink import: changes between 7.0.1 and 7.1.0 - bug or feature?


I just downloaded version 7.1.0 and noticed a change in TBX behaviour when importing from DevonThink:

  1. Auto-fetching of contents from the DT source appears to have stopped.

  2. Changing the prototype does somehow not affect the list of key attributes.


a) This is how it should be:

b) This is what happens

Is this a feature or a bug (or am I just doing it wrong)? Btw DT is version 2.9.13.


EDIT: I reinstalled 7.0.1. and can confirm that this fixed the issue.
EDIT II: So apparently I missed 7.0.2 and 7.0.3 - which I now downloaded and tried, too. In those two the auto-fetching works but 2) is still an issue (showing the right list of key attributes). For me only 7.0.1 works.

auto-fetching from DT still works BUT is broken for markdown files :frowning: I sent @eastgate an email about it a couple weeks ago and he said they’re looking at it.

AutoFetch As Pat Maddox says, the question might be one of what’s being imported, or whether the imported data are known by DEVONthink to have changed, or something else. There’s no information here to shed any light on this – please send all the details by email to support and we’ll investigate.

Key Attributes: Tinderbox’s behavior is correct. Because the imported note has its own key attributes, that value overrides inheritance as any other value would. You can tell Tinderbox you want the inherited value instead using a Stamp, QuickStamp, or the attributes pane of Get Info.

Thanks for the replies!

@eastgate I just send you an email with more details.