Devonthink watched group subgroups

Several questions - ive been cooking with gas on TB latały and Im loving it. But im not Clear if some Things I’m trying to do are limitations inherent to watching DT or user error. grin

  1. Is there a way for watched devonthink group to show nested files?
    DT Group has subgroups. The files in the subgroups don’t show up. Only a note in TB representing the group folder. I’d like to see the files in the DT group show up as notes inside the main TB note.

  2. Apart from from applescript, which would have to be triggered on change, is there a way to tell TB to update custom metadata from the DT files?
    I’ve tried making an attribute with the same name as the DT custom metadata but that didn’t work so I figure I botched it somehow.

Example: in devonthink, I have custom metadata field that’s a text area, another that’s a drop-down selector. Can TB see that as part of the watching?

  1. Smart groups? I figure this is a Devonthink limitation - but is there a way to watch a smart group in DT?

Nested file: I don’t know! I’ll find out

Change: Something is wrong with watched files: I’ll find out.

Smart Groups: I don’t know! See above. Check back after Valentine’s day if no obvious response: thanks to recovery, still catching up!

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I am brand new to Tinderbox, and hav used DEVONThink for awhile. I’ve been able to watch a smart group just the same as a regular DT group in Tinderbox. I also would love to see nested groups and files as well.

I’ll look into that. The hazard, of course, is that one might watch an unexpectedly vast number of notes. Still…