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Devonthink watched groups in 7.3 not working for me?

The new features in Tbx7.3 look great – will be really useful for me as a DTP and DTG user

I can’t make the Devonthink watched group feature work though – perhaps I’m doing something wrong? I create a note in Tinderbox, then manually add the “Item Link” for the Group from DTP into the DevonthinkGroup attribute. I then get just one note created within this note, entitled “note from DEVONthink”, with an error message for text: “trouble fetching notesin x-devonthink-item://7EEE21F4-EFE7-4833-99C6-885D84F616CF”

I’ve tried this for both the reserved groups (like the Inbox) and with my own manually created groups in DTP, with the same result.

Anyone got any tips, or is this a support issue?

Sorry – ignore this. I’ve just seen the thread in the other sub-forum

  1. Try in a new document. There seems to be an issue where, if it fails once in a TB document, it continues to fail, even with a new note
  2. When you pasted the DT item link, remove everything up to and including the // - just leave the internet DT item id

That works here.

One other thing - it seems that you can only watch a single DTR group in any one TB document (I’ve asked whether this is intended behaviour. If you need to bring contents of more than one group into TB, you might want to try using a DT Smart Group.

Hope that helps

I think, re scope of watched content, at this stage things are still experimental. It’s wonderful to have data essentially shared across the apps, though we may be less happy if the process turns out to be a resource hog. so not over-promising at this point does make sense.

OK, I’ve now got the DTP watched group feature working in as much as it imports the notes from my specified group. (I started with a new document and truncated the DTP Item Link as advised above.)

But, it’s not populating the key attributes fields: URL, SourceCreated, SourceModified. I assume it is supposed to populate these (otherwise why make Key Attributes in the prototype). Is there some particular reason why it might not be working for me?

Yes, I think this is something that will evolve over a period - and there are some risks id one doesn’t think about things before diving in.

I’ve already found out that if you get too enthusiastic about watching groups/folders with significant numbers of documents, you can slow TB down (as suggested in the release notes). Autofetch appears (not surprisingly) to make things worse.

From my limited experimenting with this, I think we’ll need to avoid the temptation of using this to turn TB into a file repository. It’s easy to get TB to watch a Finder folder or DT group that has many and/or large files in it. As far as I’ve been able to see (and I’m only a beginner at this), TB was designed for notes, not files.

I don’t you’ll have success syncing Tinderbox with a DEVONthink Smart Group – smart groups are saved searches and have nothing real inside of them – no child documents – at all. Ever. They only display “contents” when you click on them in DEVONthink.

At this point, as @mwra pointed out, this is experimental. The techniques used for syncing a group are different from the techniques used when you drag documents from DEVONthink to Tinderbox, and there is not yet total conformance on how attributes and contents get populated.

I’m sure with input from this forum’s DEVONthink users (as I am) things will evolve.

Absolutely. The “Watched” feature in 7.3+ is intended to help “get info into Tinderbox” – it is not intended to make Tinderbox into a file hub of any kind. That task is best left to DEVONthink or KeepIT, etc., that are purpose-built to act as file managers.

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It does seem to work. I suppose it’s a similar mechanism to the way indexed groups/folders work.

No, the DEVONthink indexing technology has nothing to do with smart groups, actually.

But it’s good that it works.

Just be aware that smart groups have state – the results of the saved search are dynamic.

We’ll check on this.

Even though I enter different DevonThink item links in each DEVONthinkGroup field, all TB notes get populated with the same items.

Folders in Devonthink are inside the database, not indexed. They contain rtf files and no subfolders.

In 7.3.0, you can only watch one DEVONthink group per document. This restriction is likely to be relaxed in the next release; we’re testing the change backstage.

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End of the story. I will wait till next release to start using this feature. I hope it does come forward soon, as it will be very useful to watch several DT folders.