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Difficulty in creating a preview of similar notes with export code ^similarTo()^

Hi everyone,

What I am trying to do is to create a preview of the similar items seen in the inspector with export code ^similarTo()^

I am not sure if I am using the ^similarTo(“this”, 10)^ export code correctly or making another error but…I cannot get the ^similarTo()^ export code to work properly.

I am placing the code in the Text pane and viewing the Preview pane however none of the links are showing up. I have made sure I am using straight quotes although not visible here but I have verified I am using straight not curly quotes. All I am getting in preview is the passthough text ^similarTo(“this”,10)^ rather than the execution of the code

Anyone else having a similar issue?


The ‘similar’ info is generated in 3 ways:

I can’t replicate this. Do check your quotes in the code are straight and not curly as in the post above. Otherwise I see either similar items or if not enough, the export code generals an empty <ul></ul> HTML tag.

The underlying process relies on more than a $Name and a few words of $Text, but exactly how much and of what is not documented.

Can you post a small TBX file showing the problem?

Thanks Mark, just isolated the issue to the prototype I was using. When I selected none as the prototype, it all worked.

Quick question: Should export codes work in any prototype? Or just none?


Found it… the issue for me was I was using text as an export template rather than html.

Thanks again for the response.

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