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Difficulty Opening Links to TB

I find that a link back to TB will not automatically open the related note in TB unless that note is showing in the outline. At first sight this would seem to render the link back to TB ineffective but perhaps I’m doing something incorrectly.

I use TB as a place to keep notes for OmniFocus.
I Structure the outline of TB to be the same as the outline of OmniFocus.
To make a link that is used in OmniFocus I copy the note URL in TB and paste it into the notes section in OmniFocus.
So far so good. When I check back the link works.
Now if I close the outline of the TB document and click the link in OmniFocus the focus will shift to TB but the appropriate note doesn’t open. The window appears to be activated but maintains the same outline structure.

It appears to me that the result of this is that if you want to see a note related to an OmniFocus entry then you have to manually search for it, which on the surface seems self defeating.

Other Link Implementations
By contrast I tried links to a couple of applications and they seem to work as expected.

*If I put a link in OmniFocus to Curio the link will open the correct note in Curio

  • Same with Bear

  • Same with Omnioutliner

Perhaps this is cockpit error, in which case I’d appreciate some directions on what I’m doing that needs correcting.


The problem is: should Tinderbox, on receiving the url, change your view — perhaps unexpectedly? I’m not sure this is desirable, but perhaps we are too polite.

Ah, interesting dilemma.

At the point that I click the link to go back to the note my focus is on the note in question, not the preceding view.

Would it be possible to open a new window containing just the note?

The problem outlined by @dorich is something I struggle with as well. Opening a new “Text Window” or a new tab in “Map view” with the note selected IMHO would be preferable to the status quo.

I second this. I don’t know how other people work or what their needs are but, to me, if I have a link to a specific TB note from another application, what makes more sense is to be taken to that specific note right away (whether it is on a new “Text Window” or in the outline view). That’s way more important for me that preserving any particular view that I had before I quit TB (if it was closed) or that I had before I clicked on the external link.

The problem would be solved, and we could have our cake and eat it too, if there was an easy way to go back to the previous view with a “go back” button like those internet browsers or other applications typically have.


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OK: I hear you. Look for an option for this in the next major release.


I LOVE the idea of it opening a new tab for the incoming link, so that we can see the note immediately without losing the existing view.