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Directly edit the $MapBodyText

I want this feature so badly for a while now.
(I am not sure if I requested it; or just mentioned it on a discussion. )

Directly editing without opening the editor pane; saves a lot of screen real state, speeds up writing on the maps.

  • ENTER–> new note (Title)
  • SHIFT ENTER–> jump to the text of the map.

Why not just select a note on the map and open the Text Window, from the contextual menu or ⌥⌘X?

A problem with the suggestion is that text bodies can be very long, contain images, links, and other features not obvious on the body of the note on the map. I think if you could “directly edit” text, then many people would have a bad experience.

(Text Window has a nice feature that if you open it from several notes, then Text Window adds a new tab for each note. Cool.)

Thanks - the ⌥⌘X command and Text Window speeds things up considerably for me too.

I’m confused about the Text Window tabs you mentioned, however. When I select two notes and push ⌥⌘X I get two separate text entry windows with no tabs (see screenshot below).

Ah, you need to select one note, press ⌥⌘X, then select the second and then press ⌥⌘X. Also be sure that System Preferences > Dock > Prefer tabs when opening documents is set to “Always”.

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Well, I don’t think the experience will be bad. The existing options are still there.

The direct edit is an option for those who want to draw connected notes (mindmaps) with small comments fast. Think of how text editing is done within Scapple. Writing a note and connecting it with other notes is much faster when everything is just on the map.

I also pull the text window when I want to write paragraphs, or attach images or do complex text editing. But, just for writing mindmap like drawings with small body texts, you have to open and close the window too often to be practical.