Disable the breaking of $Name when hit return

When you hit enter in the middle of a note’s title, TBX will separate the title and create a new note with the text following the point of the return. Is there a default setting somewhere to disable this behavior?

A couple of relevant clarifications. I think by ‘Enter’ you’re using the general label for what is formally the Return key? Apologies for the seeming pedantry but there are actually separate Return (:leftwards_arrow_with_hook:) and Enter (⌤) keys and in some contexts they do different things. Here’, I think they do the same, but best to be sure!

The behaviour described is as expected. I’m not sure if it’s documented, but it is so in the next release. I don’t believe there is an override, but pressing Cmd+right-arrow (⌘+→) then Return will have the result you want.

Yes, I agree, it is working as expected. I was just looking for the override. Thanks. :slight_smile:

There’s no override, at present.

Option-right-arrow will move you word-wise to the end of the title, which should get you there quickly!

Yes, I agree…my problem is that I find myself fat-fingering/fastin typing the keyboard and accidentally hitting the return key, which is breaking my note titles in half.

I think I’m misunderstand what you’re describing here, because I see nothing like this behaviour in any $Name field.

No matter which view I’m in (Map, Outline etc), or in the $Name box in the Text pane, I can’t get the title to be split and a new note created.

  1. Create a new note and type “This is a long title” as the title
  2. Before pressing Enter, move the cursor back to after “This is [cursor]” and then press Enter
  3. Result = …nothing. The note closes, leaving “This is a long title” intact.

This happens whether or not I do this on first creation of a note, or on subsequent editing: I hit enter and the note is closed with the $Name intact, no matter where the cursor is.

There seems to be nothing I can do to force a split in the name to give me a new note, and I’d quite like to as this seems useful…

So what am I missing, please? Is it a new feature coming in Backstage?


On checking, yes. It is in a new imminent release due RSN (fact was mentioned in a meet-up so not breaking purdah of talking about new things). The new aTbRef baseline for the next release will cover these changes. Primarily, they affect—and I think are designed for—map and outline use. There will be a new article for each of those contexts.

The changes reflect past user requests for such a feature.

†. My fault, in doing a quick check as I rushed to get to a meeting, I omitted to notice I was using a bata anf not the v9.7.3 release. Apologies.

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No need to apologise at all!

I know I’m generally slow on the uptake, so my first thought was “I’ve been using Tinderbox since 2010 and I’ve never noticed this behaviour…”

It sounds like a really useful feature and I look forward to new release (with the new Crazy Paving view as well) :smiley:

Thanks for the quick reply.

Yes, it is, in the right context. :slight_smile: