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Display Tinderbox-Files in Devonthink

Tinderbox files in Devonthink (imported or indexed) used to be displayed as raw XML-code.

Now, Tinderbox files in Devonthink show the most current view of the Tinderbox file the last time it was saved.

That’s nice. But for searching the TBX file in Devonthink this is not handy because the search results aren’t displayed at all (in Devonthink).

Does anyone know how to go about handling this inconvenience?

Kind regards

I use Foxtrot Pro for searching within tinderbox/xml. It has what I need. IMO, it is the best option instead of using DEVON which cannot show tbx views


DEVONthink got a menu View > Document Display with submenu items Best Alternative and Text Alternative. However, currently switching between these menu items doesn’t change a Tinderbox’s preview, i.e. they don’t have a function.

I would ask on the DEVONthink forum whether

  1. the Text Alternative could show the raw Tinderbox XML
  2. DEVONthink (when it shows search results) could automatically switch to Text Alternative for Tinderbox records.