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Displaying Attributes

Hi, new user, making in-roads :slight_smile:

First off, how does one make an attribute appear in the top of the note, depending on the selection of another attribute?

  • I have an attribute called $domain, which is a set with two values
  • if one of the values is chosen, I would then like to display $username

Next, when in a view that shows all these notes, how does one get the attributes shown at the top of the note, also shown in the overview of all the notes please.



The Displayed Attributes table is in the right-hand text pane, and always shows the attributes of the selected note.

If the table is not displayed because there aren’t any displayed attributes, there’s a button in the upper right of the text pane that lets you choose the attributes you want to display.

Often, the value of $DisplayedAttributes is depends on what kind of note this happens to be, and is inherited from a Prototype. So, for example, a Reference might have $Author and $Title, and a Product might have a $Price. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves…

Welcome to the forum. Some more reading on the points mentioned in the previous post:

To better understand the concept of attributes, prototypes and inheritance, you may find this article of use. You may then find it useful to read this section of aTbRef.

Hey there, there are two training videos on this that you may find useful:

On Attributes:

On use of prototypes:

Also, there are a number of other videos as well:

Please let me know if there is something specific you’d like to learn.

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