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DisplayName does not match DisplayExpression due to punctuation

I’m aware that $DisplayName is the result of evaluating $DisplayExpression, but it also appears that when $DisplayExpression contains punctuation-marks (period, comma, colon, …) only part of the DisplayExpression shows up as the DisplayName.

Concretely: The DisplayExpression is based on $ArticleTitle + " (" + $Authors + ")", but when $ArticleTitle contains punctuation-marks, it only a part of $ArticleTitle that makes it into $DisplayName.

For instance, when ArticleTitle is “foo: bar, baz” and Authors is “Peter”, the DisplayExpression is “foo: bar, baz (Peter)” but the DisplayName is just “bar”.

It is as if the contents of $ArticleTitle isn’t treated as a string, but as a set or list and only part of it is displayed.

Is there any way to override this behaviour? (escape the punctuation, or otherwise protect the contents of $ArticleTitle to avoid it being evaluated)

I cannot manage to reproduce this issue.

Perhaps something else is going on with your document?

DE Posting.tbx (52.2 KB)

I’ve been able to fix the issue.

At some stage an action (which I had removed) had overridden the DisplayExpression that was inherited from the prototype, and replaced it with the intended evaluation of the DisplayExpression rather than with $ArticleTitle + " (" + $Authors + “)” itself. For some reason DisplayName was then a further evaluation.

Resetting the inherited values fixed the problem.

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