Do some flag colors follow theme?

I’m trying to use flags, and noticed that in the Dark Coral theme the color blue is the same color as the grey background. I am using the example from the docs, blue|white|red and get the following:

Screen Shot 2022-09-06 at 12.05.36 PM

If I set $Flags=red-white-blue I get

Screen Shot 2022-09-06 at 12.06.52 PM

Blue alone shows nothing, which I assume means it is getting mapped to the background color of the theme? Am I missing something obvious? The colors are consistent, so it is not like the issue from 2020. I am using the Dark Coral theme on a light-themed computer, so it is like the issue titled “Default Theme Dark Coral Timeline Colors Issues” from November of last year but I would assume that was fixed by now.

I’m not sure what there is to ‘fix’ as the blue only lacks contrast against a dark colour. The colour schemes become part of the document when used so changing them in the app doesn’t necessarily fix anything in existing document.

But using the Colors Inspector you could pick a new shade for defined colour 'blue 'that suits your preferences. Once set you can save the current colours as a colour scheme so you can use it when/if needed).

It took me a long while to get why in some colour scheme named colours don’t look like their name. This is because all colour schemes define c.30 named colours but set whatever colour value they want. So ‘blue’ can be blue but just as easily yellow or green. At the same time, you can’t add new named colours, or at least not via the inspector.

Alternatively, you can simply choose a less saturated $MapBackGroundColor for your map.

All flag colors follow the theme; that is, if your flag is “red|white”, it will appear in whatever colors you have chosen for red and for white.

Having a moment to delve further, with the Dark Coral colour scheme applied, we see that the $MapBackgroundColour … is set to ‘blue’:

So, with that fact in mind, it is entirely expected that ‘blue’ in a flag won’t display as it is the same colour as used for the view background. Why, blue is the background, I don’t know, but it is. So this is your default set of colours in Dark Coral scheme:

No blues as such. ‘bright green’ seems your best bet for a blue. From the TBC file these are the assigned values for the named colours:

name="0" color="#7a7878"
name="1" color="#a1807d"
name="2" color="#b8827d"
name="3" color="#c77a73"
name="4" color="#d46f65"
name="5" color="#de6054"
name="6" color="#e66357"
name="7" color="#ee665a"
name="8" color="#f4695d"
name="9" color="#fa6c5f"
name="black" color="#000000"
name="blue" color="#4a4843"
name="bright blue" color="#195190"
name="bright green" color="#009499"
name="bright red" color="#a32857"
name="cool gray" color="#b8b8c4"
name="cool gray dark" color="#888890"
name="cyan" color="#b5bab6"
name="gray" color="#faf8f8"
name="green" color="#184a45"
name="magenta" color="#a75d67"
name="normal" color="#dc490b"
name="orange" color="#a79b82"
name="poppy" color="#716a4d"
name="red" color="#ff6f61"
name="violet" color="#7d5d99"
name="warm gray" color="#c0b8b8"
name="warm gray dark" color="#908888"
name="white" color="#ffffff"
name="yellow" color="#9a9738"

You can alter them and can add your own. Here, I’ve added ‘myblue’:

Document Inspector: untitled 2022-09-07 10-20-01

Here it is in a flag:

I’m just realizing now that I never responded to say thanks for all of your help. The answer was unexpected, but makes perfect sense as you described it. Thanks again!

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