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Do you know of any Wiki Theory resources?

Hey all,

This isn’t specifically related to Tinderbox or Storyspace, but I think the community here probably has the highest density of hypertext enthusiasts of any forum I’m aware of!

With that context, I’m curious: does anyone know of good resources to learn about the meta-theory of wiki systems? I’m in the process of trying to revitalize a shared knowledgebase at my work, but I’m struggling to find information on what makes such a thing vibrant and healthy.

The ACM used to have a Wiki Symposium called WikiSym (now OpenSym); I was program chair once. Quite a few good papers. https://dl.acm.org/conference/wikisym

Of course, the ACM Hypertext conference is broadly relevant. Home - ACM Hypertext & Social Media Conference '21 https://dl.acm.org/conference/ht

The Wiki Way by Ward Cunningham and Bo Leuf is invaluable.