Do you use Readwise?

Do Tinderboxes use Readwise?

If you use Readwise, or a related tool, I’d like to hear about it.

Yes, I’ve been experimenting with it. It is useful for capturing highlights and annotations across documents. These can then be pretty easily pulled into Tinderbox.

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I use Readwise all the time. I enjoy the versatility of reading kindle books on any device. Readwise is my go to app to extract my highlights from kindle.



I’ve enjoyed using Readwise for about 2 years now. I like that it captures from Kindle readings, from web pages, and from documents, then they all get collated within the Readwise app. I know there are exports to Markdown but I’ve found the easiest export is to an Obsidian vault. Obvious to me that the better export avenue would be to Tinderbox for analysis, but I haven’t spent time on that yet.


Yes, I love Readwise. I have it ingest all my Kindle highlights and notes and then the ability to have a random selection presented to me daily is really great. I currently use a custom exporter to bring the highlights down as org-mode text files. I feel it bring a lot of value to reading since it brings things back to me over time.

Readwise Reader has replaced many apps and subscriptions for me. Capturing articles, highlights, annotations from browsers on macOS and mobile devices is quick and easy. Reader syncs the highlights and annotations to Readwise, which I then import into Obsidian. Or, we can export highlights and notes from Reader to the clipboard or files. Reader’s export template is easily customized, and that template could be structured as OPML for easier export to Tinderbox including metadata attributes.

One of Readers useful features is an OpenAI-backed set of “ghostreader” commands such as

The summarization feature is very good, and the results are editable of course.

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Readwise import is certainly possible: I’ve got it working now.

If we want separate notes for each highlighted passage, we wind up with a LOT of notes. I get 2,923 notes, and I don’t highlight very much on my Kindle.

Wrapping everything up with an installer, and tracking down some performance bottlenecks, remains to be done…


I would never want an importer to create individual notes for each highlighted passage. We always have the option to explode a Tinderbox note.

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So, import the highlights into the text of the book note?

“When you believe in nothing,” he said, “you’ll fall for anything.”
URL: Readwise
Location: order 17
The rich and extraordinary array of comments and other marginalia
URL: Readwise
Location: order 18

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This is what Readwise does with Obsidian, and it would fine for me in Tinderbox. this way.

  • Import each book or article’s note in to a file whose name is the title of that book or article. (So, in Tinderbox that would be a note with that name.) The destination folder is defined in Readwise importer preferences.
  • Each import follows an export template defined in each user’s Readwise account, or uses a default template if not customized by that user.

I included a screenshot of my Readwise export template because the site is not accessible without a Readwise account AFAIK.

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Any news regarding a sample Readwise import? Looks like a great application for Tinderbox.

Yes, we’ve played with this before. You can export your notations out Readwise and easily parse the imports with RegEx.

I’ve got a prototype running. I want to make some refinements before release.


I tried Readwise and didn’t find it useful. I also didn’t like their own plug-in for Obsidian. There was another one that seemed far superior to me, but it depends on what information you want to extract.

I sometimes find that I want not only the highlight I have made, but also the surrounding text to give some context, as that sometimes reminds me of why I made the highlight in the first place. So I sometimes take a screenshot of the whole page, and put that in DEVONthink.

Generally, I use Bookcision (which I think is where Readwise originated, though maybe I’ve got things twisted), which is enough for my purposes.

Hey there, any update on pulling content from Readwise into TBX?

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I’ve got it going smoothly; the installer remains a work in progress. Soon!



Wishing… Hoping… soon???


Tinderbox 9.6



Huh? Did I miss something?