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Don't understand how lists work

Lists seem to be a very useful tool but there is no examples of usage and very difficult to grasp how they operate.
Questions are:
Where the list is stored in the note?
How can I create a list of notes using some condition? Where the result is stored?
How can I use the list using operators?

‘lists’ are a type of attribute that allow the attribute to hold a list of values, i.e. they are multi-value. There are two types of multi-value attribute: List and Set - see the links for more about them and their difference.

As attributes, List and Set attributes are stored as part of a note. Attributes values can be seen by using a note’s Get Info pop-over attributes tab. User-selected attributes of a note can also be displayed via its Key Attributes.

This is a listing of action code operators that create List or Set type data. You store the output of operators in attributes - the type of attribute you might choose for that will depend on the operator you are using

You need to read up on action code, which is Tinderbox’s internal form of scripting.

I’m a bit confused about the ‘no examples’. There are examples in Tinderbox Help, in the two PDF tutorials in the app’s Help menu, and in my own aTbRef resource. By the nature of the app, many examples are generic. If your confusion is in mapping from the generic to the task you wish to do, might I suggest opening a new forum thread stating the nature of the task so we can help you with more specific advice.

I addressed your concerns not long ago. Check this thread out.