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Drafts App special offer

Hi All - just to let you know that Drafts has a “10 year special” offer going. For those on the fence about this great app, here’s an opportunity to try it for a year just for the price of a mocha frap.

“To celebrate ten years of Drafts and to help people see how it can help them, developer Agile Tortoise is offering the first year of Drafts Pro for just $4.99 — a notable saving on the normal $19.99 subscription. This offer is available to new customers and will run from today through April 30, 2022. To claim the offer, users should visit getdrafts.com/offers

(Apologies, and please take the post down if it violates any standing rules of our forum!)


How are you using Drafts with Tinderbox (the subject of the forum)?

Hi @PaulWalters! Drafts is an ingestion and time-stamping tool for me. I tend jot down my ideas on a multitude of surfaces (paper, iPad, Starbucks napkins), but Drafts works well to port the bulk of my ideas to Tinderbox. I don’t have direct access to Tinderbox at all times, as I do to iOS. Moreover, I like to curate the material that’s going into my Tbx projects.

Drafts is:

  • multi-platform, and provides outstanding and glitch-free (so far) sync between platforms
  • offers fantastic built-in scripting, and inter-application functionality. Through Drafts actions you can do things like append, merge, add stamps, tags, and more with your notes.
  • permits exports in a variety of ways, and with a variety of options
  • AS Support. I’m using this from time to time - Tinderbox and Drafts (getdrafts.com)

In sum - the app facilitates my “ideate-then-assign” way of working. And getting Drafts content into Tbx via CSV (or the AS referenced above) is a snap. The process has become a component of my bi-weekly (or so) ingestion-to-Tbx routine :slight_smile:

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If I may answer as well, I use it on my iPhone and my iPad (and occasionally on my Mac) as a quick capture device.
Usually once a day I check Drafts on my Mac, and use a Drafts action that puts the contents of selected Drafts notes (those that I tag with “Tinderbox”) into a container labelled “Inbox” of a selected Tinderbox file.
Very useful to create a link from iOS to the (Mac only) Tinderbox app.