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Dragging/Arranging Notes Doesn't Seem To Be Working (solved)

Hello, I needed to access some old notes I made six years ago in Tinderbox so I installed my old 5.0.3 version of Tinderbox on my new Mac (running 10.12.4). However, I can’t seem to move any of my notes around in Map View. I tried all the obvious methods (click and drag, various key combos and click and drag, etc.) but wasn’t able to make a darn one budge. Is there some kind of compatibility issue between old Tinderbox and new OS X or is there a trick to moving a note around on the screen that hasn’t occurred to me? I figured out that I can resize notes dramatically and then resize them to a different position on the screen but I’m hoping there’s a better way than this. Thoughts?

Did you try using your current Tinderbox (v7?) - old TBXs should still open and work. Notes from 6 years back is at c.5.8.0 so your TBX may contain things v5.0.3 doesn’t understand. If it doesn’t open in v7, I’d email support.

Thanks, but 5.0.3 is the most recent version I have.

Sorry, understood. Althuogh you can try downloading a v7 demo which should let you view the notes even if you can’t add new ones. However, I’d suggest you contact tech support - which for clarity, this isn’t :grinning:.

Tinderbox 5.0.3 was released more the seven years ago.

It’s difficult to know what the problem might be. I have 5.12.3 on my computer for the occasional tech support issue that still involves Tinderbox 5, but here we are already on 7.0.3 and testing the next release.

Of course, 5.0.3 was written for 10.6/Snow Leopard, so compatibility with 10.12/Sierra is an open question. My first guess would be to check to make sure that $Lock hadn’t been set.

Thank you. I fired up my 2005 Powerbook and the notes move around fine in 5.0.3. It must be some compatibility issue with OS X. I appreciate the responses.

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