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Drill down a live in outline view

Hey there, does anyone know how to drill down a level into a container while in the outline view? It is easy to do in Map view, you just click on the Container. I’d love to be able to drill down while in the outline view and or be able to easily open a new tap to just he selected container.

This is called “hoisting” the outline view, because the container gets hoisted to the top of the window.

To hoist a container in outline view:

• Double click the rectangular icon to the left of the title, or
• Select the container and choose View ▸ Focus View (⌘⇧-down-arrow)

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Select the container and use Open in New Tab from the contextual menu. Or View > Tab > New Tab from the menubar. Neither has a shortcut, but with System Preferences/Keyboard/Shortcuts you can give it a shortcut.

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It has become exceptionally aparent that there are many as to “skin the cat” in Tinderbox. Thanks! :slight_smile: