Dumb Sunday Upgrade

I’m trying to upgrade my Tinderbox license - but:

  • I found the link to buy the upgrade but it said US$83 = £ (Sterling) 103. That’s not right: current exchange is 0.84 = roughly £70.
  • having left the checkout page, for some reason I cannot now find the link to order the just upgrade: the only checkout I get is for the full license. It is not clear from the site where to order the upgrade from.

This is my dumb sunday I’m sure, but I’d appreciate some guidance.


You’ll need @eastgate to help you with this.

An upgrade subscription is $83, which is £68. But what is VAT? And do any local taxes apply? I suspect that’s the issue.

For subscriptions and upgrades, visit Tinderbox: Buy Tinderbox Today

My apologies Mark - I realised this after posting, found the order page and tried to delete my original message, but it seems I didn’t. I did manage to buy the upgrade though …

It’s a really dumb Sunday. (Exculpation: I have flu).