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Duplicate note yields strange behavior

Hi folks, newbie user here and working through the Tutorial, came across this bug.

When duplicating a note, the newly-duplicated note is shown to be selected visually in Map view. However, changing the Name of the note will change the original (source). Refer to this Youtube video to see what I mean.

macOS High Sierra Version 10.13.1 (17B48)
Tinderbox Version 7.3.0 (b290)

I can confirm this. The view pane selects the duplicate but the text pane shows the contents of the original. It occurs in Outline (and likely other views). Workarounds for now:

  • Edit the title of the duplicate in the View pane (I.e. Map, outline, etc.) and press Return to complete the edit. The text pane context updates to point to the correct item.
  • De-/re-select the copy to set text pane focus correctly.

New issue 2248. Thanks.

I expect most people rename the duplicate note directly in the map view, and that’s why this hadn’t been noticed.