E-readers and TB workflow

Do you use e-readers in your everyday work? (both Kindle and Android devices, like Onyx Boox)
If so, how do you implement reading and notetaking on that devices in workflow with Tinderbox?

I’ve just got an Onyx Note 5 and think about how to use it with TB most effectively.

Yes. On kindle you can export your notes through Read Wise., The explored notes can be easily important and then acted upon. Quick search looks like Onyx exports. Check out Tinderbox Meetup- TBX Meetup October 9, 2022: Basic Note-Taking and Attributes Management. This video will give an example of what you can do wth the exported file.

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I’m not familiar with the Onyx Note export format, but it may be possible to adapt the techniques described in the Exporting from Kindle thread.

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