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Easy way to create Aliases from search feature

I’ve started working with containers to help me organize all my notes. I’d like to find a way to create an alias of a note wherever I am and not have to navigate to the original note, manually generate the alias, copy it, and then paste it into my destination folder. In other words, I’d like to remove a lot of steps. Is this possible?

Not to get into solutioning, but I’d like to be able to follow these steps:

  1. Search notes
  2. Drag the found note while holding down the option key to my container, which in turn would create an alias. Holding the option key is critical as this would create an alias rather than a new note being created as is what occurs today.

I’d typically use an agent for this, rather than the Find bar. But it’s a sensible idea.

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Ok, thanks.

Plus one for this!