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Easy way to deselect all

If you’ve accidentally select all notes in a map or outline view, what is the easiest way to deselect all notes? Seems like a silly question, but the only way I’ve figured it out to so scroll all the way to the bottom of the outline view. In map view, this does not work.

In many apps, repeating Cmd+A either deselect as all items (i.e. _no selection) or occasionally toggles to the previous selection. Such a method doesn’t work in Tinderbox, but perhaps it might.

Don’t try modified keys as Cmd+Opt+A switches the tab to Attribute Browser view and Cmd+Shift+A adds an agent.

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You can click on an empty part of the map to deselect all.

Yes, but I don’t find that this consistently works
. Also, in outline view, with a file with 10,000+ notes, scrolling to the bottom to find an “empty part” is annoying.

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Yes, it consistently works.

The very left edge of outlines is empty.

When I have selected all in an outline and want to deselect all, I sometimes do this:

  1. ⌘-click any item to toggle that item’s selection status.
  2. Click that item to select it and deselect everything else.

Perfect, I did not guess at this keystroke strategy. Nice! Thanks.