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Editing text with multiple notes selected (a feature request)

Something I’d really like to be able to do (while I’m requesting features relating to context preservation in ways that fit my use cases but probably break everyone else’s) is to edit text when multiple notes are selected.
The ability to select several notes (in outline or map views) and have the combined text in the right-hand panel is enormously useful (and one of my preferred compilation and export mechanisms) but I’d be over the moon if I could edit the text when multiple items are selected.

I appreciate this may create some unexpected challenges (‘split’ is something I could imagine could have unintended consequences) but the starting points all seem to be there - the editor even blocks out the discrete notes with separators identifying the note source (I think these separator lines could benefit from an overhaul, as they feel like they’re aligning with the previous note, rather than the subsequent note, due to the whitespace being under the text, rather than above it)

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We can certainly take a look at the placement of the horizontal rule! Ought it to be midway between the notes? Aligned with the top of the next note?

Editing in this view is technically tricky, but might be possible.

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Visually, it currently feels like the link and title underneath belong to the block above rather than the one below, so maybe there’s something in moving the line further down and giving the title text a little more breathing space between it and the line above. I just tried mocking some things up but the last time I used photoshop was on an SGI some decades ago so I quickly gave that up. If you try selecting two text notes in an outline view, you can see that the lines feel like a separator more than a caption, and this is most pronounced when seeing the top of the joined documents in editing panel - the line seems to separate two items, but there’s no item above the line.

As for the editing feature - yes, I expected that would throw up a huge number of weird edge cases. It would be a lovely feature to work in, though - but I also get that implementing that feature but it not working for everything would be worse and more confusing than not having the feature at all. I find Tinderbox a nice writing space - it’s certainly one of the better outlining tools for producing and managing text in, but I’m still learning new features as I’m going and can’t anticipate the number of messy problems it would throw up as you can, Mark.

On a semi-related point - the ability to select notes and then copy the unified text into the clipboard is a godsend and saves the whole export process (I’m writing entirely in Markdown, so it fits my workflow really well). It’s these ‘obvious’ features you don’t think about having as a user that are so nice in TB.

+1 for this request

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Any updates on this feature, Mark @eastgate?

It would make working in tbx much more pleasant.


It’s not forgotten.