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Email to Tinderbox - Still actual?


Is email to Tinderbox still relevant? I found this article in aTbRef.

In fact I’m looking to do this or to set up some workaround. A workaround may include other applications, watched folders or such.

I could not find anything similar in menu > edit > document settings.
Neither does it seem possible to mail a note to simplenote.

Thanks for your idea’s and suggestions!


Not the answer to your core question, but just wanted to mention that somehow you managed to find the user manual for Tinderbox 4.7. Quite old. Not relevant today, as you discovered.

If you look at the current version of aTBRef you’ll find, for example:


the old feature is not available in v6, unfortunately.

@PaulWalters is right. The support for emailing in died some while back (thing it proved to have lots of unexpected challenges and very few used it). The one system integrated with Tinderbox is Simplenote (see more). There’s nothing special about Simplenote as opposed to other similar apps - it just happens to be one that has some integration with Tinderbox.

The link cited at to actually isn’t to aTbRef. It is to a very old proof-of-concept project I did, partly to learn HTML export and partly because the then-current manual was only in PDF form and (on the Macs of the time) I found it hard to use.

I generally leave public HTML resources up (or until that server dies) as it’s the moment you take them offline that angry people emerged from the undergrowth to complain because they use it. If I can find the source doc I’ll try adding a waring banner as I already do for the 3 (?) copies of aTbRef relating to older versions.