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Embedding a note's address to a note

I want to write the address of as a note as a value to one of its attributes. It looks simple; but cannot get it right.

So, assume I have a note (child4) embedded in a hierarchy of containers.

I want to write Root/Child1/Child2/Child3 as a value to $Souce_Project user attribute.
I was trying $Source_Project=$Path(ancestors). It is not working.

$Source_Project=$Path works. But, I don’t want the name of the note itself.

OK, now, I get it now: $Source_Project=$Path(parent);

Yes :thumbsup:

A note can have multiple ancestors – a note that is a great grandchild of a cover (top level) note has three ancestors. So, $Path would be indeterminate for $Path(ancestors) .

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I see my first problem. I assumed ancestor involves only the direct ancestor. Nice to know. Thanks.