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Enabling tabs for notes by default


I’m trying to make it easier to add tags to notes, and wondering if I can skip the “pick attributes to show for this note, and select Tags from that list” step.

afaict this involves setting $DisplayedAttributes, and I found a very detailed section in the TbRef, but it wasn’t clear how I could add this for all notes and not (1) notes in some container, or (2) notes with some prototype.

Sorry, that was a dumb question.

I realized I was looking at a cause of setting a “system” attribute, which worked as follows:

There are no ‘dumb’ questions when trying to figure unknown unknowns!

In the Inspector, as shown above, you have made Tags the Document level default for the DisplayedAttributes attribute. Now every note with show a single Displayed Attribute, Tags, unless the note itself, or a prototype it uses (think: inheritance) has set a different $DisplayedAttributes value.