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Equality test on note $Name

Ok, I have to go back to school. Clearly the loop is finding the note ‘tool’. It shows up in the variable $found.

But the equality test never sets $notename to ‘tool found’ no matter what I do. Help!

NoteListt is of list type, found is a string, notename is a string.

When I set the test to inequality, !=, the string $notename is set to ‘tool found’.

This doesn’t work either.


we’re good. think it was the smart quotes. you kinda have to get everything right. I remember that now :-/ When you have code that works make ten copies of it. And: if it’s not working, toss the broken code and build it from scratch.


It’s a good idea to use the built-in Code prototype for this sort of thing, which disables smart quotes in its text field.

Example here (56.8 KB) for posterity.


great. I was doing a ton of action code programming 2014 but forgot almost everything. thanks.