Erratic behaviour since upgrade

Hi there

I expect I have made some silly mistake, but I am struggling with unpredictable behaviour in Tinderbox since registering the most recent upgrade. In an attempt to eliminate user error :slight_smile: I started again from scratch creating notes and prototypes but without changing any settings. The odd behaviour is as follows -

  • I created a prototype folder and set the onadd action to $IsPrototype=true; the Action pane is now empty, although notes added to the folder are still given the prototypes icon
  • I created three prototypes (System, Source and Tool) but when I set the prototype on one note, all notes are set to the same prototype (including the prototypes!)
  • In the Document inspector, in the Group field, the only groups shown are General, Item 2 and Item 3, and with the General group selected, the only Attributes available are Color, Item 2 and Item 3.

As a result, I’m struggling to get my system set up. Can anyone point to what I may be doing wrong?
with best wishes

This is known issue, and (we think) now fixed—the Backstage crew are testing that the moment.

One cause (the one for which the above fix is testing) of this the innocent but common sequence of opening the Inspector with ⌘+1 and closing it using the red dot top left of the dialog. But it’s hard not to do that!

In the meantime, if you see the Inspector indicating missing values/wrong pop-up menus, close the doc and app, i.e. re-start both. The ‘missing’ inspector values should all return. A bore, but as noted, a fix seems imminent.

In short, if the Inspector seems squirrelly in any way re-start app and doc.

HTH :slight_smile:

Thank you so much for your prompt reply, Mark. So in fact, if I understand correctly, nothing in my file had actually changed. It was just that the Inspector was showing incorrect information. I do indeed open and close the Inspector as you describe. I reopened the file and opened the Inspector from the Window menu and all seems normal. Thank you so much. :smiling_face:

Phew! It’s taken a while to track down—who’d have guessed such a sequence would give the app a headache.

I don’t know when, but this particular issue should be fixed in the next public release, though as a fellow user I don’t know when that will be (fixes for a number of just-before-v9.7.0discovered glitches are under test). The problem here was figuring the trigger for the problem, eventually spotted/reported by a sharp-eyed user.

For completeness, there may (may not!) be another Inspector-related gremlin when working with multiple documents opens and doing a lot of switching betwend docs, e.g. testing in one, writing in the other. Again, a trigger for suspected issues has yet to be found. So if anyone sees the latter and can create it on demand, do let support know so all can benefit from a fix.

Meanwhile, enjoy your updated Tinderbox now in its 160th public release!