Execution of Agents in Tinderbox 9.6 vs 8

I was having difficulty executing a rule or agent to change the notes badge depending if $Checked was true or false. I could not get the else section section of the statement to changed the badge back.

I used the file from Tinderbox Training Video - Understanding Agents, Queries, Actions, Rules, and Edicts (Part 3). The two versions work differently. TB version 8, when I check and uncheck the $Checked, the badge changes from green checkmark to calendar icon. Tinderbox 9.6 does not do this. With further tinkering, 9.6 runs the edict slower - I can force the action by running “run now” or by clicking away and back on the note, refreshing it. TB 8 works nearly instantaneously.

Tinderbox 8

CleanShot 2023-08-07 at 19.01.26

Tinderbox 9

CleanShot 2023-08-07 at 19.02.24

Tinderbox 9 with refresh

TB9 refresh

Edicts are for things that only need to be run very occasionally — every hour or so. Rules are for constraints.

The speed at which the two versions of TB ran the same edict in the same file, even when forced was markedly different. It gave the impression that TB 9.6 was not running the edict.

It runs the edict, I’m confident. If you have questions, send me the file and detailed instructions, and I’ll be delighted to take a look.

I apologize. I should have rebooted the computer. Everything works as it should, at the speed that it should, after the reboot.

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