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Expand Vertical truncating some notes - can others replicate?

Hi. Before I send off an email to support, just want to see if others are seeing the same thing.

Using a standard size note in a new tbx, I type the following:

Then, I use the Expand Vertically command (either from the menu or the shortcut), and I get the following:


If I manually expand the note (either before or after trying to do it via a command), it behaves weirdly, as shown here:

The text is aligned in the middle, but as shown in the text pane, the name still has “going” in it.

I think it has something to do with the length of the last line. I tried replacing the word “going” with numbers, and when I hit 123456 it expanded to show it via the menu or shortcut or manual expansion. Here’s the screenshot:


The same thing happens if it’s set to expand vertically in Document Settings.

Could someone see if they can replicate it? If so, I’ll send off the email.

Thanks in advance.

What’s missing here is the test case. I think your are asking us to test the $Name “this is a test to see if it will keep 123456”. Is this correct?

FWIW, I added the the above title to a new note and used Note->Expand Vertically and got this result:

Could you perhaps list as exact steps how you trigger the problem? Reproducibility is the first step in triaging the issue.

I don’t see the problem in the examples. Each image has different expansion dimensions (HxW).

FWIW, as a long-time user I find it is usually the case that in these cases Tinderbox attempts to do the best it can for the most cases, rather than perfectly for each case. Tweaking and adjusting is frequently needed and expected.

I wonder if, in the base examples above, Tinderbox finds it can’t set the word “going” in the available width, even if it has the entire line to work with.

But that’s speculation. This sort of issue is fortunately easy to report.

  1. Notice the discrepancy.
  2. Copy the offending note to a new document.
  3. Adjust the new document scale and other settings to match the old document.
  4. Verify that the problem still occurs.
  5. Send us the new document, with a note about the issue.

Both expand horizontal/expand vertical and outline layout code are unpleasantly intricate and, in consequence, finicky. There’s a tension as well between keeping this code simple and consistent, which is nice, and making it run really fast, which is also nice. Pinch zoom, for example, was recently raised as a performance concern, and caching involved there might be the culprit.

Workaround tip for this problem: often, clicking once on the current tab will help. This forces a fresh layout and clears some caches.

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No, sorry.

Hopefully, this is a better explanation:

If I type a $Name of “this is a test to see if it will keep 12345" and use Expand Vertically using the command I get this:

… and if I drag it manually vertically I get this:

However, if I type “this is a test to see if it will keep 123456" and do the Expand Vertically command I get this:

… and manually I get this:

So in a nutshell, “12345” doesn’t show on the map using the above steps, whereas “123456” does. Similar things happen when I use “real” notes, sometimes the last word will be visible, other times it won’t be.

Hope that’s clearer!

(Using Tb Version 8.2.3 (b426) and Catalina 10.15.2. Forgot to say that earlier)

My machine may be the problem, it’s a pretty old and pretty wimpy MBA.

Workaround tip for this problem: often, clicking once on the current tab will help. This forces a fresh layout and clears some caches.

I ~think~ I might have noticed this, but I can’t seem to do it with this test doc.

I’ll get an email off to you later today.

I’ve kept the width the same in the notes and only altered the height. It’s just the screenshot areas that have changed.

Yup, know what you mean – the problem is that if I keep the width the same, there’s no way I can seem to get the last word to show on the map by manually altering the height only. I can see the missing word if I drag from the corner, but that alters the width as well, and messes up the way the diagrams I am trying to do work (where I want the height to vary but the width to stay the same).

Anyway, I’ve sent an email off to support.