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Explode note after text-string

Dear Forum,

yet another help request. I seem to be to daft to figure this out myself. Read the relevant documentation pages but it doesn’t seem to work. When working with Bookends note-stream I can copy and paste the stream with appended reference identifier looking like so:

note text… more text… etc.
{Papargyri et al., 2018, #22547}

text… next note… textt
{Papargyri et al., 2018, #22547}

Now, I would like to explode a note containing a few of these and have the identifier in {} as the delimeter. So I tick the relevant box and input the text {Papargyri et al., 2018, #22547} and only one note is created… How do I get this to work as I thought this should be perfectly possible…

Any takers? Cheers for the input. I am really enjoying my journey (also a bit of a means to procrastinate content work but I strongly believe it is all worthwhile and in the end I have a better knowledge base for it)

stay safe,


I think you just need to escape the curly brackets (they are special characters, so need a \ in front). So the delimiter is:

\{Papargyri et al., 2018, #22547\}

Which gives you this…

and each new note…

Does that help?

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problem solved. I tried to put \ in front of the first bracket but neglected the second one (my brain somehow thought I would alter the content of the delimeter somehow. cheers. that saves me a ton of work!!! cheers.