Exploring NotebookLM

Since it came up in the meetup session with Jorge Arango, I was curious if anyone else is exploring NotebookLM (NLM). Thus far I’ve put it to limited use in two ways.
First I created a project that applies the app to a group of randomly selected papers I’ve written on “accountability” over the past several decades and began to ask general questions about the subject to see what it generated in terms of responses – and I have to say I was impressed and can see its usefulness as I attempt to put together a monograph on the topic (my retirement project).

Second, I came across an interesting paper (actually an extended editorial) on disparities and inequities in kidney transplant policies focused on the need to “recenter” accountability standards. My problem with this and similar papers is that they lack an concise abstract that I can refer to later. I applied NLM and it generated a really spot on abstract.

Anyone else applying this AI app?

Thanks - this sounds interesting indeed! Can you kindly provide a link to NotebookLM?

PS: Perhaps Steven Johnson might be a worthwhile meetup guest…

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I would like to second that! He should be most interesting.

" NotebookLM is only available in the U.S. for users 18 and up" :confounded:

Sorry – did not pay attention to that detail. Maybe can show demo at some future meetup (next one seems “booked”, although NLM is relevant…)

Thanks, that’s a great idea!
Greetings from a fellow political scientist :grinning:

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A VPN is your friend. Finland here, tried it out using a USA server. NotebookLM would have saved me some time in my last work, for certain.

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Thanks for the hint! Can it process languages other than English?