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Export code in not not processing when being pulled in by a template

I have a template. The template is pulling attributes from various notes and children to construct a table. Specifically, it is pulling text from a note that has export code in the text. The export code in the text is NOT being rendered by the template.

See the image below for how the export code is not being rendered:

See the image below for how the note text is being pulled in.

Is there anything that can be done, or do I need to pull the export code out of my $Text?

You asked for $Text from the path stored in $Variables, and that is what ^value()^ does! It doesn’t (export) evaluate the contents. I think you want look at exportedString() along the lines of:


where “rendered-text” is a template with the code:


Deep in a complex task right now but can’t test the above [sic]. Also, I vaguely recall there were some reported issues with exportedString() which may or may not have been fixed. But, my recollection is that exportedString() was added for just this sort of task (to to the Ted Goranson uber-complex blog project).

'k, tried that did not work. If you have a second maybe we can connect later. :pray:

Sure. no problem.

BTW, @mwra and I figured this out. I’ll do a video on it in a bit.

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