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Export notes with children and different indent

Hi, I’m starting to get a headache again trying to find a probably very simple solution to a simple problem, but as happened before, the moment I touch export, my stress-level goes up.
Here is what I want to do:
I have a workshop-structure with Notes as Chapters, Notes Children for every Chapter, and text in every Child. Like this:
where AAA is the name of a Chapter, —aaa is a Child of AAA and aaa it’s title, and every child has it’s own text.

ALL I want is to be able to print it, where AAA is not indented, the title aaa is a bit intended, and it’s text a bit more indented.
I’m almost sure it must be explained somewhere, but I can’t find it. (And I admit: I’ve used Tinderbox several times over the past years, and quit using it every time after getting frustrated over problems with exporting and not finding a clear set of tutorials about it. So trying again…)
Thx for any suggestion.

  1. File ▸ Export ▸ As Outline will get you very close to what you want.

  2. In outline view:

  • Select All

will place text on the clipboard that is exactly what you describe.

  1. In outline view, Print will print an outline, again much as you describe.

Have you worked through Getting Started With Tinderbox? It doesn’t talk much about export, but it does have good tutorials on lots of things people sometimes find confusing.

Thx for your reply.
I forgot to mention that I don’t want the whole document printed out as an outline. I don’t want my Prototypes etc printed out as well. I have one 'mother’note that contains all the other as children. When I select the 'mother’Note and then choose ‘Export Selected Note’ there is no choice.
In the Outline export-version the text of the Notes is not there either.
My solution for the moment was exporting as OPML, and using another program that can import OPML to do the layout properly. But I’d love to do it only with Tinderbox.

I can see several reasonable options.

  1. OPML export is fine; I ought to have thought of that!
  2. File ▸ Export ▸ As Outline exports the entire document. You don’t want some parts of the document. Open the exported file, delete the parts you don’t want, and Save.
  3. Or, in Outline View, select the parts of the outline you want to export. Copy, and then paste into a Tinderbox note or into your favorite word processor.

Thx for your reply. If I use the export outline, no text seems to be exported, only the structure of the outline. Only the titles of every note. What I’m aiming for is

  • Part 1
    ----Subtitle 1
    ----Subtitle 2

where ‘Part 1’ is the title of a Note and ‘Subtitle 1’ is the title of a ChildNote, and ‘–Text’ is the text of that Note and so on. And where every Text is also indented.
For one or the other reason I can’t get the text of the Notes exported.

Nope – Outlines only export the titles. (Exporting the text is tricky, as the whole text would need to be incrementally indented, perhaps leading to some very strange formatting.)

OPML will export text as well, of course.

Text export lets you export the headings with different sizes for each level of heading, but doesn’t indent the headings and texts.

Oké. Thx for clearing that out. Guess I’ll have to stick to the second app for layout then.

Just one more question:
is there a way in a html-exporttemplate to make a reference to Note-titles on a different ‘level’. I mean:
Note A
----Note B (in Note A)
---------Note C (In Note B)
It feels now that ^title^ is B and C.
If I could reference them and change the indent there it would solve the problem.

Yes, of course.

will do that.

Or you can use CSS. I thought HTML export was a non-starter for you, so I’ve been describing the many alternative ways you can export your outline. But if you’re OK with HTML, that’s a good way to go, too.

<blockquote> ^children < /blockquote>

Thx! This is what I needed. As I suspected, I was making it way too complicated.