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Export only one unique date in a collection of notes

I have a collection of Notes, each with a date ($ MyDate). I would like to export only one Unique date for all the notes that have the same date.

I think I need to compare the $MyDate of the PreviousSibling to the current note and only export the value of $MyDate if they are not the same. Is this the correct logic ? I do not know how to do this in TB.

Are there any videos that could help me understand this better, or if the problem requires a loop, understand the programming logic /syntax better?

In my main file, the notes are collected by an agent, but I assume the same theory applies.


conditional export.tbx (112.6 KB)


I’ll upload my edited version for you file at the end of the post. But the main assumptions are as follow…

We will use a container or agent for export. In either case:

  • $Sort set for ‘MyDate’, reverse order
  • $SortAlso set for ‘Name’

So, all children/aliases sort in reverse ($MyDate) date order—i.e. most recent first—and in A–Z order within groups of notes with the same MyDate.

We need two new templates:

  • t_date-page. This is the ‘wrapper’ template used by the agent or container to generate the list. It transcludes each child using template…
  • t_date-item. Checks if current note is first sibling or has a different $MyDate to its previous sibling. If so, the formatted $MyDate is listed before the note’s data ($Name, etc.)

The code in the latter template looks like this (ignore the forum’s code-colouring which is getting confused here):


Note that sibling order is intrinsic so as long as the parent container/agent is sorted correct see above), the code works fine with original notes or aliases in an agent.

Also note that when using == or != with Date type data, the time portion of the Date/time data is ignored. To illustrate this I changed the time of day, but not the day in several notes (‘Bobcat’, ‘Lynx’). This is why the outline sort order may differ slightly from that expected. To sort ($Sort) only on day and not date-time of $MyDate you would need to store the date-time in another attribute, but re-setting the time portion of each to the same time.

I’ve added an agent to the TBX so you can see the same template working in either a container or an agent listing that container’s contents.

Here is the TBX: conditional export ed1.tbx (137.0 KB)


Thank you for your help, Mark.

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Mark, this is a nice solution. Would you mind if I did a video on this to explain it?

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Not at all - I think that’s a lovely idea. I’m sure there’s more that can be pulled out of the scenario. I really just tested the ‘am I like my sibling?’ aspect and that it works for either a container or an agent.