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Exporting maps from Tinderbox to Latex editors

I was using Copy view as image in order to paste it into a word processor when I realized that I could export directly pictures into my favorite presentation tool, Beamer. As you perhaps know it, in Beamer, which is a Latex tool that I use with Texpad, a Latex editor, you insert your picture with some specific latex code cells such as :


And I was wondering : although I can’t just copy and paste a picture from Tinderbox into Beamer — things one can easily do with Keynote, for instance — anyway could I export pictures from Tinderbox to Beamer using Copy view as image or save them in a .jpg format? If I could do that, I wouldn’t have to resize pictures manually into a word processor or take screenshots. Thanks for all your suggestions.

Copy View as Image copies the whole current map (bar a very few visual enhancements such as transparency) to the clip board. There is no shortcut for this but you might be able to use KeyboardMaestro or Automator to automate that process. The data on the clipboard is vector [sic] data. If to paste it into Preview or a vector capable image editor you can save it as PDF (or not tested, but I assume also SVG in some image editors). Or it can be saved in raster bitmap format (JPG, PNG, etc). An upside of the vector approach is your images scale nicely in digital form so is useful for large/busy diagrams that don’t work well at print size but are OK when expanded on screen.

I’d be interested to hear if you do get the PDF/SVG method working.

Thank you Mark for your suggestion. I tried to export a picture using Pixelmator and it works very well. I think it’s even easier than using Preview or Pages in so far as you can smoothly resize a picture.

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FWIW, I did paste a Tinderbox map image into Affinity Designer (a vector image editor) and there’s lots of vector detail. to be clear, it’s note neatly associated as groups (e.g. per notes) but if you wanted to do some post-edting before dropping to a bitmap, it’s worth bearing the vector element in mind.

I don’t know yet Affinity Designer and I work rarely with vector elements. But, I have now, with Copy View as image and Pixelmator an easy way to export maps into my presentation tool.

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