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Exporting Multiple Files within a container as individual markdown files?

How would you export multiple notes within a container as individual markdown files? Anyone have any best practices or thoughts.

Use case:
Container A contains 15 tinderbox notes. I would like to export them into individual markdown files.

Use Case B:
Agent A contains 10 alias notes. I would like to export them as individual notes.

If memory serves me well, I think you would use a container template, however I am getting a single file and what I want are individual files for each note.

Thanks in advance,

Using (HTML) export, you have 2 choices. Either export the currently selected note one at a time, or the the whole file, turning off what you don’t need. IOW, to make one export generate 2 or more files you need to use the latter.

No, as you’ve found it is the two options above. Are you exporting other parts of the doc? If not just set lop level containers to mot export and not export their children so that when you export the file you get only the 15 or so discrete files you want.

If you want container-scoped multi-file export I think at this point it would effectively be a ‘feature request’

Your files will have an .html extension, which you can batch rename with Finder’s Rename command. Or you can set extension to .md (or whatever) in the Export Inspector before exporting.

Screenshot of Tinderbox (9-1-20, 3-49-04 PM)

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Thank you to both of you. One thing I decided to do, since this was a rather large file, was to copy and paste the files into a brand new Tinderbox document and print multiple documents from there. Thanks Paul for the .md suggestion and thanks MarkA for the one or all suggestion and catching my logic error.