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Exporting notes from sub group in DT to TB

Hello, I am hoping someone can help please. I have a large notes database in DT which I successfully synchronise with TB for sorting and analysing later. I have recently added a sub-group to my DT notes that includes a number of short individual notes. The sub-group syncs with TB as a container but the notes in the sub-group do not sync across, neither within the TB container or separate from it.

Therefore, my question please is how can I get the notes in the sub-group in DT to sync into the sub-group container in TB? Is it possible do this?

Many thanks in advance for any guidance.


How many notes are in your DEVONthink database?

Hi, Thanks for your reply, maybe 250.

I think that Tinderbox, at present, doesn’t import subfolders of DEVONthink watch folders. I’ll have to check.

The original idea of watch folders was to provide a transient “inbox” in Tinderbox that conveniently links to DEVONthink or Notes or whatever. The downside of watching lots of notes, of course, is that they’re replicated in two places. That’s not always ideal.

Why keep them synchronized?

Why not just store them in Tinderbox (so the content is available for Actions, agents, etc) and put a URL(s) for your Tinderbox document(s) in Devonthink?

Many thanks, I look forward to heating from you and appreciate your assistance,

Thanks Richard, that sounds like a work around, however, the benefit of putting the notes in DT first is that I can work on them remotely on the iPad and then sync them to TB. I’ll try your suggestion and see how it works. Once Again many thanks, Tony

Check out this thread. Working with Pete we found a way to pull in annotations, markdown notes and custom meta data from DT3 to Tinderbox. Revisiting Devonthink Annotations to Tinderbox