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Exporting - what am I not getting?

I am an enormous FAIL at Export, and I have no idea what I’m doing wrong. I am following tutorials, methods posted in the Forum, etc., and end up with literally nothing. Maybe someone can give me some insight?

Here’s what’s going on:

  • I have a set of notes in Tinderbox that I have in an outline (containers with notes inside). Nothing special, just a set of notes

  • Since I need to write them up into an article, I want to export them: in this case to Scrivener, but any kind of text export that reflects the outline would be great

  • I select my notes, then->File->Export as Text->OPML selected notes->Save; this gives me a blank document, i.e. blank when opened by Scrivener or OmniOutliner

  • Also, I select my notes, then File->Built-in Templates->Scrivener, then export as above, and once again get an empty document

Same when I select Scrivener as export format, a file with a big nothing in it. Everyone else gets information, I get zilch, what am I doing wrong?

Thanks to anyone who can help

Clearly, there’s something odd about your file. Can you send a copy to tech support: info@eastgate.com ?

Try to delete all templates in your file and export to Scrivener/OPML again. This trick helped me in similiar cases.

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Okay sent file in today

File returned, with export and a few minor corrections. The problem, chiefly, was that a bunch of notes that were important were wrongly files as templates, and this gummed up the actual templates that were trying to do their job.

I did just that, and got partial success: Import and Split in Scrivener gave me note headers as Outline sections, but none of the note contents came through

We’ve sent you a corrected version of your file, along with OPML and scrivener documents exported from it.