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Extending Tinberbox with StorySpace by using dynamic stories, presentations or flash cards?

I am looking at StorySpace and with its guard rails (fields) ability seems like it could be used in presentations to create different narratives for the same content. Use Case: Sales, Prototyping, Internal Team Discussions, Group Brainstorming etc from existing Tinderbox files.

Just curious: Has anyone who has both applications used it for this purpose?


Useful here would be to understand the use case of the ‘guard rails’. If you are referring to the OnVisit test, note:

In Storyspace, an action performed when the reader visits the note. This is honoured in Tinderbox and can be used as an ‘OnSelection’ event trigger.

Rather than approach this in the manner “does App X have feature Y from app B”, I’d ask “how can I to test X in context Y”

My hunch is Tinderbox action code can do this, even if not in the manner initially presumed.

Hi Mark

No specific use case, rather more exploratory in nature since I have not used SS very much at all (my bad). I was thinking about how I could use SS at work and the thought to use it in presentations lingered. I am not sure at all if there are any new affordances over Tinderbox for informal meetings however since SS has been in existence for eons, I thought I would float the question to the community who might have used it in this context before. I do not know.

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My hunch is recent improvements to Tinderbox’s presentation mode (aka Text preview pane) surpass Storyspace use. Next step is to make a use case and try in both apps.

I believe that Dr. Diaz is deferring to Storyspace guard fields, the distinctive feature of Storyspace links that allow links to be enabled or disabled based on what the user has previously seen and done. In lots of ways, “guard rails” is a better image!

I don’t believe guard fields have been used extensively for C-suite presentations, though one of the nice things about Tinderbox and Storyspace as a presentation medium is that you can drive documents in different directions as your audience requires — something notoriously hard to do with PowerPoint. This is also what Prezi did nicely, and was a strength of Pad++.


Ah yes. I’ve been away from office for a few days and access to “Getting Started with Hypertext Narrative”. I’ll dig in a bit as I suspect, most of guard fields—which I think are semi-legacy even in Storyspace v3.x—can be replicated in Tinderbox. I’m not trying the latter for dogmatic reasons but simply so as to allow Tinderbox’s extra affordances to be brought into play.

One missing Tinderbox element might be a ‘navigate’ operator that follow a link/load it. IOW, we can test a [link] and if the test is true then the link is followed, else no link or an alternate.

†. That might be stated a different way as a select(path) operator. Drawing on this transition, this raises the notion of an ‘on load’ but I think $OnVisit captures that. so we may be in better shape than thought.

Fascinating use of $Stretchtext in StorySpace to create dynamic stories in StorySpace and Tinderbox.

Great article by Howard Oakley giving an example of how you can create some question and answer dynamic notes.


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