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Family history - story-centered family tree

Hi , I am new here, but I want to make story-centered family tree as a narrative alternative to traditional genealogy family trees and wondered if I could use tinderbox combined with story space. I will try and test, but if any of you have good advice, I would be grateful, thanks Niels, Denmark

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Hi, welcome to the forum. From this limited description, it sounds like a perfectly reasonable task. Tinderbox and Storyspace use the same underlying file format so that part is easy.

You will want to think about whether you have one (or several) big map(s) or use an outline. I say this because form an outline perspective all items on a map are siblings in the same outline container. You may find these notes on the difference of map & outline views might be helpful.

Thanks a lot Mark, I will try out to see how both options work, will see. Now I know it at least makes sense to use these tools for my project.

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