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Favorite Styles in Tinderbox 7

In Tinderbox 6, there was the notion of “Favorite Styles”. Is that gone in Tinderbox 7? I can’t see any sign of it.

Styles of what? Note size, layouts, RTF rulers…?

Text styles. For example, I was able to define a style to easily tag text as monospace, without having to go to the Font dialog and select a specific monospace font each time.

The styles drop down (show text ruler first) functions the same in v7 as v6. Can you describe step by step how you get to the feature you find in v6 that isn’t there in v7. I don’t use styles if I can help it so I may be overlooking something.

Aha! “Show Text Ruler” is what I was looking for, and couldn’t find. Thanks!

Would it be possible to add “Show Text Ruler” to the View menu? Yeah, it shows the ruler; but what I’m interested in is the related formatting controls.

(For the record—I wouldn’t use styles, either, but as a software engineer, I find it really convenient to be able to use monospace text conveniently; it’s a great way to “quote” program code, command line commands, and the like. I don’t care so much what font it is, as long as it’s monospace.) (I seem to recall we had this conversation a year or so ago, in the old forum. :slight_smile:

I get confused too. As rulers are part of note $Text (the text pane of the tab) I always look in vain on the note menu for the ruler. Still it does have a shortcut, [Cmd]+[Ctrl]+R which is probably your best bet in the short term. If you can remember that, then it doesn’t matter on which menu it lives.

Side note, but if a note is all code, don’t forget the ‘Code’ prototype which also off RTF unpleasantness like messing with quotes and hyphens.

I’ll take a look at the Code prototype. But isn’t usually entire notes. I use Tinderbox as a knowledge base, and often enough a note is something like “In order to do such and such, use these commands at the Unix command line.”

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Yes, the Ruler command in TB wins the Hidden Treasure award. Once you find it, it’s great! It does lurk in a surprising location, though. Once I learned/remembered Cmd-Ctr-R I used that shortcut all the time.