Feature Request: Add "Save As" Functionality

I’ve noticed that in Tinderbox, there’s no direct “Save As” functionality. This means that every time I want to create a copy of a .tbx note, I have to manually copy it. This process can be a bit cumbersome and could lead to mistakes.

One potential solution I envision is adding a “Save As” option to the File menu. This way, users could easily create a copy of a note without having to manually copy and paste.

I believe this feature would be beneficial for many Tinderbox users and could enhance our efficiency when using Tinderbox.

Thank you!

Could you explain what “create a copy” means in this context? Are you trying to save a whole Tinderbox file under a different name – which is the common meaning of “Save As” in the Mac universe? If so, then when the File menu is visible, pressing the Option key will change the File > Duplicate option to File > Save As.

Or, are you trying to export a single note to your desktop or other location outside of the Tinderbox file? Then use File > Export Selected Note(s).

Or, are you trying to make a copy of a single note within the same Tinderbox file? The pressing ⌘D with the note selected will duplicate that note.

Or, are you looking to do something else?


Agree, see File menu.

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This is a standard Macintosh behavior, by the way; it’s a good one to learn.


i understand why

Since Tinderbox does not have a Chinese version

Mac will superimpose and translate “copy” into “复制”

In Chinese, copy usually means copy text

Or avoid Mac translation into Chinese

I think Tinderbox can consider more internationalization and provide Chinese version